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As most of you probably know I'm breaking up with Staci. I'm useless at telling people things I dont like hense why it has took me so long to tell staci. I've been trying to figure out how to tell her for about 2 weeks now. I know its not been nice for her it's not been nice for me I hate moving but im going back up to glasgow i miss my family and friends too much that is one reason the other i dont feel should be said in public for everyone to see so im not going to say it.
please dont hate me for putting staci in the situation of trying to pay everything herself cause im not i will continue paying my end of the bills until such time she can handle it by herself.
thats all im going to say.

2t0nic stuff

I actually wrote and sung a song at this con... with stacy's help on the 3rd verse.
Based on the song "Jennifers Jacket" by The Presidents of the USA.

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I make no appologies for it not scanning to the original song!
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Future stuff to do

Current Schedule for god knows when.

Wednesday 28/3/07 After work drive to mom's for dinner and what Staci calls "brainwashing".and pick up very late xmas present for Andrew(nephew) and easter eggs for neice and nephew.

Thursday 29/3/07 Probably drop Staci off at the train station before work.

Thursday 29/3/07 After work pine for Staci alone. In the house by my self.

Friday 30/3/07 Work til 9pm grab something to eat and head to Edinburgh.

Friday 30/3/07 - Saturday 31/3/07 early morning arrive exhausted as long as car survives.

Saturday 31/3/07 figure out where Staci and gang going to be l8r. Drive over to Glasgow and kidnap Mark and Manda. Before kidnapping drop off stuff @ Karen's (present and easter eggs) NOTE to self get easter eggs for kiddies as well as Izzy bell. Resume kidnapping NOTE bring catan, carcasson, flux and anything else i can get my hands on. rest of day kinda fuzzy.

Sunday 1/4/07 avoid april fools jokes til midday. resume kidnapping and general fussing of Izzy bell if at mark's.

Monday 2/4/07 chill for as late as possible and drive back to Sheffield :(

Tuesday 3/4/07 work

Wednesday 4/4/07 work

Thursday 5/4/07 work

Friday 6/4/07 work

Saturday 7/4/07 work

Sunday 8/4/07 not thought this far ahead and not a clue of work shifts.

EDIT: Charge camera and actually bring it this time!
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News and Ramblings again....

Hello all again

Got a letter yesterday from Optical Express...didn't get the job. Not surprised I shot myself in the foot during that interview. One the manager didn't mention at the start that it would be mostly retail work even though the job title was lab tech. She had asked me before mentioning this fact what did I feel about retail work....I expressed I prefered lab work to retail and other things my brain has blocked from my memory.

So that over friday Phil my regional manager called up saying to call up the VE Cambrdige store. Did that yesterday. Got a interview with a time this time. Yes next saturday @ 10am. It's for a retail post which I'm warming to at least the manager said it straight out insted of beating round the bush. Honesty goes a bit towards making me a little happier about this one.

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I've done a good deed for the day.....

Yes I did I gave £5 to Comic Relief. I find it personally a worthwhile cause to donate money to cause of it's wide range of bases it covers. I just wish they would have better music as the comic relief song unlike the so said track this year! I personally would have preferred the "I would walk 500 miles" that was played earlier by Peter Kay, Matt Lucas and The Proclaimers. I wonder if it will be available in normal music shops?

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And also we're going up to Edinburgh end of the month thats the March 31st and April 1st honestly no fools joke there! I might ditch Staci in Edinburgh and go a-visitin-a-Glasgow.

Need sleep gota be up in 3 hours for work yay!
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what what what

Into the mouth of babes

Hello all

Well... we went down to Cambridge monday night. Thanks to deborah_c for putting us up and everything thanks so much!
Yeah went for the "interview" at Optical express....I say that because 1 didn't have a set time for the interview. Plus not happy how they advertised the job. It's not Just a lab tech role it's also a retail position at the same time cause "they don't have enough jobs to keep me in the lab for 40 hours a week" question what is the point of advertising for a full time lab tech position if you don't need one! why not just advertise for a retail associate/lab tech.
God I only spent the morning in Cambridge but I loved it its like a small village but ...not!
Yeah the lab was on the 4th floor of the building which didn't bother me it was more the fact the manager who interviewed me said I wouldn't be there all the time due to lack of jobs!!! I'm not happy about that I would prefer to have a lab based job not a retail position due to the fact I've spent the last year training as a lab tech If i had wanted to stay in the retail side i would have!!!!

Enough rambling.

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here's "Mystery" guarding my CV til it's posted tomorrow.